Friday, April 29, 2016

Sewing Lately

I haven't had as much time for sewing lately as I would like. Work seems to always get in the way. When you work from home full time, homeschool, and try to run your hubby's bee business, it seems that sewing gets lost in the mix.

With the few minutes that I did have, I tried a couple new things.

First up, I made some crayon and colored pencil roll-ups. These were super fun.

I kept it simple by cutting three pieces of fabric the same size for each one.

Crayon roll up - 6 in x 19 or 20 in (whatever length my fat quarter was after I trimmed it...)

Colored pencil roll up - 9 in x 19 or 20 in

One of the three pieces in folded in half and used for the pocket.

I sewed lines 3/4 inches apart to fit the crayons and pencils. This attached the pocket to the inside fabric.

I also got a chance to try the block of the month for Sew Can She. This month was the On Point Heart. It was fun to try a block I have never made. I made them half the size of the block described in her tutorial. I hope to make two more and attach to make a sweet hot pad for spring.

It was fun to see how the different colors worked together. I like the one on the left better. I think you can see the heart more clearly. I'm going to try one with the birds on the outside and the teal and polka dots forming the heart to see how they play together too.

I am adding my blocks to the monthly link-up.

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