Monday, August 31, 2015

My First Pajama Pants

I decided that I wanted to sew my mother in law some pajama pants for her birthday. She really likes to sleep and what would be better than some nice flannel pjs made with love? To make sure I could do it, I practiced on a pair for my daughter first.

I found this lovely little video that makes the whole process really simple. And I just used pajama pants we already had. I used 2 yards of fabric for my 9 year old and elastic. I used 3 yards of fabric and elastic for the gift pair (they had to be a bit longer!).

And then I picked out some fabrics. I really wanted flannel, which depending on where you are shopping and your budget, really can limit the choices. All in all, I think I found some fun fabrics and would even like to get a few more sometime.

For my daughter, I picked this sweet dandelion print.
It is so cute and she used to have an obsession with dandelions when she was younger. So this holds a dear place in my heart. They came out pretty well. I tried to make them extra baggy in case she grows a ton and for comfort.

My daughter has got to be the only crazy kid that puts on flannel shirts on 85 degree days! But she sure is cute!

Now, for my mother in law, I really struggled choosing a fabric. I hope that I didn't pick something I like that she won't. I really have no idea. And what I came home with wasn't quite what I was picturing, but it looked lovely on the bolt and felt so soft and cuddly.