Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cute Little Zipper Bag

I am not the best at sewing. I want to be, but I just started not too long ago. Then we had all the many moves. So now that we are settled, the machine is out. And there it sat. Starring at me. Taunting me. It was making fun of me. So on Friday, I randomly woke up about 3 hours earlier than usual and could not sleep. So I got up, threaded my bobbin, threaded my machine and got busy.

I decided to sew up little bags with zippers for each of my loves. I let them pick whatever fabrics they wanted from what I had. I found a really great set of directions on The Dining Room Drawers.

For the first bag, my 3 year old picked some really cheap fabric I grabbed at Walmart to use for practicing. I think it was in that section where they have fat quarters for a dollar.

I decided to leave part of the zipper out to give him a wider opening. I cut the pieces 12" by 8" to go with my 14" zipper. But the tutorial really could be used with any size bag you want to make (or zipper).

Then may 9 year old picked out these lovely fabrics from Windham. I won them from sweet Melissa at the Giveaway Roundup.

I secretly wanted to keep this bag. The birds are sooooo cute. I might just make myself a little bag too. Don't ya love it?

And my 6 year old liked this fabric from Studio E with the people. And of course he wanted some orange. So I used orange thread, an orange zipper and another $1 fat quarter from Walmart in orange. The Walmart fabric might not be the best, but it is good for me to practice on before spending a ton of money I don't have!!!

The shot of the inside didn't come out all that well. Guess I will be needing a camera soon.

These bags are quick and fun. I wanted to keep making them all day long. My sewing is getting better and it was such a stress reliever. I need to sew everyday!

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