Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Grateful Heart

I meant to post this before, but life gets crazy.

They are building a house behind me. I don't live in a housing track, but they started building an entire housing track behind me. I am sad about this, but oh well. Anyway, the guys building the basement of one of the houses used to be the crew my hubby worked with years ago. So he went to say hi. As they were talking, they mentioned they saw a swarm of honey bees fly by.

So when he walked back up to the house he went over to the side of the house where we have stacks of bee equipment.... empty bee equipment. And wouldn't you know it, that swarm chose our boxes to make their new home. It was really neat to watch it all take place. The whole family went out to watch. It isn't too often you get to see bees choose their new home. Once they were a little more settled, my hubby located the queen, got her in a good deep bee box and gently shook some of the other bees into the box so that the rest would follow. It was amazing how quickly they all got in the hive.

My hubby is crazy. He was just out there in the middle of it, with a t-shirt on. I was taking pictures and tried to keep being brave. No one was stung and the bees are now in a lovely new home.

I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing more bees our way. Our little business is going to take off! I just know it.

On a sad, but still grateful note, I was stung yesterday for the first time in almost 10 years by the other swarm I wrote about. My arm is quite swollen and it hurts! My hubby doesn't even swell anymore. He thinks I just need to get stung more so I won't keep swelling up. I don't know about all that. :) I think it might be time for that hive to leave the front yard and go to the bee yard. They are a little feisty!

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