Saturday, February 28, 2015

My dear Love, Le Creuset

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Cooking real food takes time and money. You are not just opening a can of food, dumping in a bowl and popping it in the microwave... I am sure you all have done this. I know most people have. I didn't have a microwave, but back in the day, I opened a can of soup and heated it on the stove. And, maybe you still do this now... hey sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Now, I am all about finding out where my chicken came from, growing my own celery, making my own broth, etc. But to cook all of these delicious real food meals, we need proper equipment, and that includes what we are cooking these tasty treats in. (Or maybe I just have a slight obsession dishes and all things related to the kitchen!)

Anyways, I know that it has been pricey trying to purchase all of the things I need to for different dishes, so here are some giveaways for one of my favorites, Le Creuset. I hope you win!

There is just one more day to enter at The Broken Bread. Hurry!

The Cookie Rookie has a giveaway ending in 5 days.

Adventures in Cooking has a giveaway ending in 10 days.

You have until April 9th to enter over at Leites Culinaria. And I believe you can enter daily.(And while you are here be sure to enter for the Real Life Paleo cookbook as well!)

I will continue to update as more come up and others expire! Let me know if you win! :)

And if you just cannot wait, you could always save money at one of the outlet stores or buying second hand on ebay. I have even looked at garage sales and second hand stores.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where is the MILK?

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One of the hardest things to find, for me at least, is good, beautiful, delicious, healthy raw milk. And I have a feeling I am not the only one.

I know raw milk isn't for everyone. And I am not here to judge. However, I believe that raw milk is a true health food. I want my family to be able to drink it, if we are going to drink any milk. However, we move a bit for the hubster's work. So we are not always in a place where we can get it, even after hours and hours of searching online on sites like eat wild and others. I just don't have 5 hours to drive one way to try and get it, and that is part of this stage of life I am in, and I bet others are too.

So I was happily surprised to find out Organic Valley offers a minimally processed, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk. I know it isn't quite the same as the real raw thing, but for those of you not sure you want to jump into the whole raw milk thing, or for those of you not near a place to get raw milk, you might just want to check the locator and see if you can get this Organic Valley milk near you.

And, for me, I am just going to keep praying that some day we can get a cow!

(Please note that I am in no way affiliated to Organic Valley at this time and chose to post this because I was excited to find this type of milk in a store near me. I was not paid in any way for this post.)

If you would like more information on raw milk, there are tons of resources out there. A very scientific look is given by Chris Kresser in his series on raw milk.

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Avocare Avocado Giveaway

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Here is another great giveaway for you. If you are at all interested in the great uses of Avocado Oil, you will want to enter this giveaway over at Real Food Forager.

Have you tried Avocado Oil before? What are your thoughts?

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Blue Apron Giveaway

 Blue Apron Giveaway on 100 Days of #RealFood

Have you ever noticed that it can be hard to find ways to save on real food? All of the coupons and giveaways out there seem to be focused on items that really do not promote a healthy lifestyle.

So one of the goals on this blog is to share some of the real food/natural giveaways I find while browsing through the internet.

You might think that entering giveaways is silly or a waste of time, but I regularly enter them and win! I don't win a lot, but maybe once every other month. Back in January I won a package of gluten free Luna Bars and a $100 gift card. And that was after just entering my email address once. So it is possible to win!

This Blue Apron Giveaway can be found on 100 days of Real Food. Check it out and I hope you win.


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You probably have not seen my first blog from a few years ago (very similar name). I got away from blogging for a few reasons. I had baby #3 and I wasn't blogging or living how I truly wanted to. So this is my chance to start over, and write about things that really matter to me and share ideas.

Here are some of my goals for the blog:

        * Share real food recipes
            * Deals & Giveaways that help you live a real food/natural life
            * DIY recipes for all things around the home (help get toxins out of your house)
            * Share ideas from our homeschooling adventures
            * Share my journey towards the homestead life
            * Share posts on all things related to beekeeping

These goals might change as I get working, but these seem like a great place to start!

I hope that you will join in the conversation.