Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My New "Buffet"

So..... the lockers have been painted, and painted, and painted. I think that they currently have about 9 or 10 colors on them. And I don't like any of them... So we are trying something else, but had some rain the past couple of days.

So in between drying and trying to pick a new color, I picked up this lovely dresser for $35. I thought  that it was a pretty good deal. I was hoping to find a free one, and it just didn't happen.  It is for the dining/sewing/home schooling room. So it will look like a buffet or credenza or sideboard or whatever you want to call it... I hope.

I was going to leave it as is, but upon further inspection, we noticed it needed some loving. It wasn't the kind of wood you could refinish. It was some fake layer on top over particle board or something. So I had to paint it.

I went with spray paint (Ivory Satin) to save time and to have the "no brush strokes" look. Spray painting furniture is harder and easier than I thought. It is really easy to get a rhythm down and get the paint to come out pretty nicely, but at the same time, with the quality of the wood, it was hard to cover without showing  some of the swipes and getting the coverage even. I read a ton of tutorials on feathering and all sorts of tips, but it was still hard.

So, don't mind my bad cell phone picture and my bad paint job.

This baby houses a bunch of our homeschooling and craft stuff. So it is easy to get to and out of sight. It makes a pretty nice addition to the dining room. And the ivory color looks lovely with our pale yellow walls... although you can't see that with this bad picture. Now, I need to find some handles for the doors (one is missing) and sew a lovely table runner to hide the top.

When the dining room is  a little more done, I will get some pictures for you with a real camera. You'll be able to see my antique chalk board (my math geek dream!!!) and my sewing set up. It is tiny, but I am just glad to have a space right now.

It is all still getting worked on, so be on the look out for more posts as I hunt down some great chairs for that room.

What have you been working on?

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