Tuesday, August 11, 2015

fabric for Wall Art

Now that I have this lovely buffet in my dining room/sewing room/craft room/school room, I need to decorate it. I don't really like lots of knick knacks and such. But the walls are looking kind of bare like a staged house.... not like one that is lived in and loved.

I don't have a whole lot of cash to go into wall art and need to make my own. I kind of liked the look of the stretched fabric, but thought how sad I might be that all my lovely fabric is on the wall and not being sewn. I would probably tear it down just to get back to the fabric and make something with it.


So then I was thinking that maybe I should try sewing some blocks, like blocks you would sew for a quilt and frame them to use as wall art. I would use different colors and blocks, but here is an example of someone that did use blocks on the wall.

I haven't finished a quilt yet, but have been working on it. So this might be a fun project to get back into sewing with.

So then my next thought was that I should just make a mini quilt to hang over the wall. This would be even better practice for a bigger quilt.

And on the wall over by my sewing machine, I would like to decorate with a rainbow of thread. Wouldn't that look lovely? I wonder if the hubby would mind the dining room being taken over by all the sewing/quilting stuff? I guess he better just get ready for it. :)

I guess I could do something not fabric related at all.... but I really don't have any ideas and it is a large wall.

What do you all do for wall art in rooms with multiple purposes?


  1. The stretched fabrics do look pretty on the wall. I have quilts on lots of walls in my house. I think they work great anywhere. :) have fun deciding.

    1. I love the look of quilts on the walls. I guess I better just finish one. My grandmother used to make story quilts, as I called them. They always told a story about something that happened in her life or my grandfather's and they hang in her home. I just love it. I will have to go back to your blog and see if you have any pictures of the ones in your house. I would love to see. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!!!!