Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sorry I have been missing....

I have all of these ideas for blog posts and things to share and started this blog a bit too early. I have been a busy bee with moving. But I hope that once all the red paint and other things are gone or taken care of, I will be able to add more fun posts and show you all the projects I have been dreaming up.

Some include - diy kitchen makeover, basement getting turned into a living room, what to do with all the shells I collected in Florida, homeschooling projects for the next year, yummy recipes and tasty things to eat, some fun and cheap ways to do up our garden and yard space..... and my list goes on.

And I am very excited to see that the hubby has brought the sewing machine back! I see it's lovely box in the pile. So I will be sure to share some of my sewing adventures as well. Stay tuned for upcoming fun.

God Bless,


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