Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Money Giveaways

It has been a little while since I shared some giveaways with you. Sorry about that.... I would much rather be blogging or making something crafty than what I have been up to. But that time will come.
Anywho... here are some giveaways you might want to check out.

JanLoves is giving away $500 Paypal! This ends on 6/16!

Consumer Adviser is giving away $100. This also ends 6/16!

Here is another for $20 Amazon or Paypal ends 6/18.

You have until 6/19 to enter for a $25 Target gift card. Check it out here.

Mom Fuse has a huge $1000 Paypal giveaway, ends 6/20. This is a big one!

$100 Visa Gift Card is up for grabs over at Hello Natural. Ends 6/21

Here is another $100 up for grabs. This one ends 7/1 and it is a paypal giveaway.

I am reader is giving away three different amazon/paypal gift cards. And you have 29 days to enter.

Mama the Fox is giving away $100 and there are 30 days left to enter this one!

Other Giveaways

You can enter to win a month's supply of Blue Apron meals here. Ends 7/12.

(More to come in between projects...)

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