Friday, June 19, 2015

Sewing with Kids (Part 1)

Image result for anna elise by bariImage result for anna elise by bariImage result for anna elise by bari
 Image result for anna elise by bariBari J. Ackerman - Anna Elise - Let it Be in BeautyBari J. Ackerman - Anna Elise - Daisies in Cloud Water

The fabric above is some of the pieces from Anna Elise by Bari J. The moment I saw it, I was in love. It reminds me of my daughter. I wanted to redo her whole bedroom in it. She isn't so sure yet. She said, I could make her a pillow to start. Kids are so funny.

Anyways, I am pretty excited about now having two sewing machines. My oldest (9 years old) actually sounds a little interested in creating things with me and learning how to use one of the machines. That makes me oh so happy. She is a bit of a tomboy, which I think is awesome, but I definitely didn't think she would be into sewing.

So that got me thinking... what would I have her make? My first project was a pillow in middle school. My mother did not own a sewing machine. Sometimes she would hand sew some things to repair them for us, but she did not make quilts or clothing like my grandmother. So I got on the hunt for some kids friendly projects that my love might enjoy.

Here is what I found:

Crazy Little Projects has 25 things that can be sewn in under 10 minutes. That might be a good place to start. It won't be so big that she gets overwhelmed. My favorite project on there is the hand warmers. These could make sweet gifts she could make for others.
hand warmers
Skip to My Lou has a whole series of sewing with kids. I have a slight obsession with tote bags and would love to have her making them with me! :)

Then I found 15 more fun projects at Not So Idle Hands. And a whole bunch more at So Sew Easy.
This birthday banner would be fun to make and could be changed up for any holiday.

What was your first project? Any first projects you would recommend? As long as my daughter is interested, I will update with some of the projects!


  1. I have 9 year old nieces who just started sewing and they made some super simple skirts and dresses with my Mom's help. They LOVED wearing what they made. I reviewed this book that I sent to them!

    1. That book looks amazing. And I love the idea of having her make her own skirt. Maybe if I let her pick the fabric and she makes it, she will actually wear a skirt again! :)

  2. Beautiful prints - especially those bunnies!
    My first project was a pajama nightshirt. Mine is a non-sewing family and I was on my own with the project at 13yo. The machine was nothing but problems - I remember big nests of thread, and that may be when I first learned to cuss. I did not sew again for years!

    1. Oh that is a fun story, Heidi. It probably wasn't fun at the time, but I hope you can smile at it now. So glad you decided to sew again. I love your blog and your work. :)