Monday, June 8, 2015

Free Workouts: Week 6

Hey there! How are you? I was all pumped about my inch loss. And I am hoping to lose some more. It is hard to stay excited and not get down on yourself when you have more to lose, but I am sure going to try and stay positive and just keep going. Stress has sure done a number to my body, but I keep moving and keep eating real food. Anyways...

Instead of a video this week. Workout #1 is some pictures to show you some of my favorite kettle bell moves. Do you love the kettle bell too?

And for Workout #2, we have a 5 minute video from Get Fit with Leyla. I just love these 5 minute videos. It is easy to talk myself into doing them and it is fun to really push for those 5 minutes.

Now that the weather is so lovely, I have been getting in some great hikes and chasing the kids around the backyard as well. Hopefully, these are busting stress and helping me to look good and feel good.

How are your health and fitness goals going? What are you doing to stay or get in shape?

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