Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Have You Used Thrive Market?

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I am getting ready to put in my first order with Thrive Market. I have been doing some comparison shopping to see if Thrive Market will actually save me money or not. When I do order things online, I usually wait until I have enough of an order to get the free shipping.

When I first started reading about Thrive Market, I figured that it wasn't really someting I would use. We don't buy much beyond our real food at the store or farmer's market. So I started to make a list of all the things that we could possibly order through the website and then do some comparison shopping to see if it would be cheaper.

I looked for items that both my grocery store and Thrive carry to get a direct comparison. So these are items in the same brand and same size. These are not necessarily items that I purchase, but I wanted to give you a true comparison. Note that these are the prices at my local Wegmans (grocery strore) and your prices might be quite a bit different.

Here is what I found:

Bragg Organic Apple                          Wegmans $3.99          Thrive $2.55
Cider Vinegar, 16oz.
Tinkyada Pasta, 16oz.                          Wegmans $3.29         Thrive $2.95
(Depends on type of noodle*)
Justin's Almond Butter, 16 oz.             Wegmans $9.99         Thrive $11.25
Clif Bars, box of 12                             Wegmans $9.99          Thrive $14.65
Larabars, box of 16                              Wegmans $18.99        Thrive $18.95
Nubian Raw Shea Butter                     Wegmans $8.99          Thrive $7.45
Body Wash 13 oz.
Yogi Green Tea 16 ct.                           Wegmans $3.99         Thrive $3.45
Simply Organic Cinnamon                   Wegmans $4.99         Thrive $3.65
Seventh Generation
Dish Washer Detergent 45oz                Wegmans $4.99         Thrive $4.65

You can see that sometimes Wegmans is cheaper and sometimes Thrive Market is cheaper. However, one thing you can do is wait for the great deals that Thrive often offers like $15 off of $50 or wait for a percentage deal (i.e. 20% off). In addition, Thrive Market offers some items that my local store does not carry, which is nice too. (For example, I like to purchase lots of shea butter for making my own items (lip gloss, creams, deodorants, etc.) and I cannot purchase this at Wegmans. I know from my travels that there are many stores out there who don't have prices or selection like my local Wegmans, so for you all shopping at those stores, Thrive Market might be an even better deal. Just be sure to do your homework. After comparison shopping, I can see that I would be better off ordering spices, but can still pick up my hubby's cliff bars for long drives at the local store. It helps to do your homework and see which will truly be better for you.

(Also, do note that there is a membership price, but right now you might be able to try it out for free first and see if you like it.)

Please note that this is my personal link for inviting friends to join Thrive Market. I may earn a commission if you choose to place an order. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated or asked to write this post.

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