Monday, June 8, 2015

Two New Favorites


I tend to become obsessed with things until I master them. My most recent obsession is sewing. It has been on my list of things to do more and become better at, but all of a sudden I am just obsessed with projects, reading about new things to try and lets not forget about all the fun fabrics.

I still have another 3 weeks before I can get my sewing machine back and unpacked, so I have still been planning. In the midst of all my fun, I came across many great blogs. I want to share two of them with you today.... and more will be coming.

#1 Refashionista. In my quest to find inexpensive ways to have even more project fun, I found Jillian. Her blog is fun, adorable, and great for the thrifty at heart. Even if you don't like to thrift, you should check it out. The before and after shots are amazing and I think she's funny.

#2 Create/Enjoy. This is another lovely blog with lots of dresses and some real food loving. Both of which, I love. Suzannah feels like a long lost sister. And she has gorgeous ideas for more than just dresses.

I want to share some quilting blogs that I am loving, but I have found so many, it is hard to pick.
What blogs are you loving these days?

(Just so ya know, I don't personally know either of these ladies and they did not ask me to promote their blogs. I just love them and wanted to share!)

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