Sunday, March 8, 2015

Earning Amazon Giftcards: Part 1 Swagbucks

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Ordering special high quality items can get pricey! Are you looking for einkorn flour, or colloidal silver? Maybe you want that bottle of vitamin C... the real stuff, or new books for homeschooling, or , or, or..... All of these great items are on Amazon and are just a click away. But.... they can really add up fast!

So to offset some of my costs, I spend a minimal amount of time earning swagbucks. You can use swagbucks as a search engine and earn for searching. You can watch videos, take polls, even purchase items through them to earn more. There is a section for surveys too. You'll want to watch for swag codes during the day in the swagbucks blog for a few extra bucks too. And when you get your friends to join, you can earn more as well. Everytime you earn 450 swagbucks, this turns into a $5 Amazon giftcard. And you can earn fairly quickly. I don't spend a ton of time on the site (less than 5 minutes a day), but I usually earn at least one gift card each month... most of the time more.

Are you ready to give it a try? Sign up here!

This post contains my referral link. I do not earn money for you signing up, but I will earn swagbucks when you earn swagbucks. It will not take away from the swagbucks that you will earn. And when you sign up, share your link with your friends to earn even more as well.

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