Thursday, March 5, 2015

Organic Soy-Free Eggs

Now, I am not going to lie.... I love my hens. I don't know what it is about those chickens, but they make me happy. And they have started to lay a bunch of eggs every day again.

However, I know that not everyone is able to have their own chickens. So it is handy when you can find eggs that still fit your needs. These eggs over at Grassfed Traditions (Tropical Traditions) might be just what you are looking for. And I say that because they are organic and soy free. There is a fairly decent deal going on organic soy-free eggs. You can buy them in 4 dozen batches and they are offering free shipping right now too! I know these eggs are pretty pricey compared to regular store bought eggs, but there are a ton of benefits to keeping away from the soy! Katie over at Wellness Mama does a really nice job of explaining why you might want to get the soy out of your diet!

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