Monday, March 16, 2015

More Sight Word Love

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Do you practice Sight Words with your loves during your day? There are lots of really fun ways to practice. Here are some of the things that my 6 year old and I do:

* Write as many sight words on the chalk board as possible. I call them out and he finds and erases. If you don't have a large chalkboard, a white board would do the same. Or you can even write them on a piece of paper and take a yellow marker and tell your love to "butter up" each word.

*  I gave my love a red piece of construction paper and some off-white yarn. He pretends he is writing sight words with spaghetti.

* We have alphabet stamps. He writes the words and stamps the words. (The set pictured is what we have and they are on sale at Joann's for $9.99 right now! This is NOT an affiliate link.)

* I placed a bit of paint in a ziploc baggy and he uses his finger to write the words on the outside. It looks and feels cool to him. I was nervous that the paint would come out and also taped the top of the bag. (Similar idea here)

*Parking lot! On card stock, I drew a parking lot. In each space I wrote a sight word. Then he drives matchbox cars to the words as I call them out. He LOVES this one. And we have several different parking lots with different words. Sometimes we connect to make a bigger parking lot and sometimes we just use one at a time.

* Magic Sight Word. My little guy also loves this one. We write sight words with white crayon on a piece of paper and paint over it. It makes the sight word show up really cool.

* Roll a sight word. Here we pick 6 sight words to practice. Each number on a regular die corresponds to one of the words. He tosses the die and writes the word for the number he lands on. So if 3 was "with" every time he rolled a 3 he would write "with" in a printout. I have him color them too and make it a bar graph and we talk about which bar is shortest, tallest and which word won.
 (If anyone would like my roll a sight word print out - let me know and I will email it to you.)

* My son suddenly started asking for word searches. It helps him practice spelling the words right and knowing which are capital and which are lower case. And it is fun to find things. You can get some pre-made sight words here.

*We haven't done this one yet, but it would be great for any little love that likes to move and feel like he/she is playing a game. Looks like you write the words on paper plates, hang them up and toss a tennis ball or something else at the words as you call them out.

How do you make it fun to practice sight words? I would love to hear about it!

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