Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glass Jar Giveaways

I have a small obsession with glass jars. I think that they are practical and there is something so beautiful about glass. I have been known to check out second hand shops in search of old glass jars. And sometimes I have bought a couple... And yes, they are all being used now. And in fact, I can think of even more things I would like to put in jars. We even use mason jars as cups in my house and mason jars hold out toothbrushes, I have mason jars full of homemade vanilla extract....oh I could go on.

So when I have a few minutes, I like to look for giveaways related to anything with glass jars or canning/preserving. Here are a few that I have found.

Herb and Botanicals Homestead is giving away a set of the most beautiful purple Mason Jars. I am just in love with these. Go enter now and then check back on March 25th to see if you have won.

Head on over to a Girl Worth Saving to win a Mighty Nest Giveaway worth $125 of glass food storage containers.

There are two days left to enter for the new Ball Blue Book. Check it out at Fillmore Containers.

This one might not be for glass jars, but these Neat Glasses sound really cool.

Or you can visit the Experimental Homesteader to enter for other types of containers and a $100 Amazon Gift card.

(Some have expired and I deleted. I will add more as I find them!)

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