Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free Workouts #1

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Do you work from home? Depending on where you work and what kind of work you do, you might be doing A LOT OF SITTING! Yep, I'm yelling, but not at you. I am a little fired up because I went from a job where I was on my feet all the time to sitting on my big ol' butt. And I. don't. like. it.
Nope. I used to be so active. I was the crazy teacher all over the room, making sure I looked at, talked to, checked on every student every class. Now I teach online and write curriculum. So when I help someone, it is on the computer or over the phone. I have found some creative ways to stand while working, but I still do too much sitting. My work day is way too long as well, which is a whole other topic...

So to make sure I get up and moving, I have started incorporating short videos and movements several times a day. And I have been taking the dog up and down the very very long driveway. This usually takes about 10 minutes as well. I am all for getting up every hour and moving. It is a really good idea not to sit for more than an hour. I have even heard sitting being called the new smoking. It is BAD.

I want to share two free videos each week with you so you can get up and moving too. And keeping the videos new helps from getting bored. I will try each video and use each video before sharing with you.

So here are this week's picks:

Video #1: This one is a great way to start your day with a HIIT workout. You will get sweaty! So just be warned. And it is only 10 minutes long. Everyone can fit that in!

Video #2: Here we have a 5 minute kettlebell video. It feels great to do and I didn't get super sweaty. So this is a good one to fit in during the day.

Bonus Video #3: Yep, I said I would share 2, but don't forget that dancing is moving too. And it is a great stress reliever. My loves and I like to dance to music everyday. Here is one of our favorites. You can't help but be happy.

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