Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free Workouts #3

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Do you enjoy trying out new workouts? I know I do. It brings some excitement to the day and helps me feel energized.

Here are a couple new ones you might want to try.

Video #1: This video is just four and a half minutes long. It will give you a little more of a peak at T Tapp. I have been doing T tapp this week, each day and just love the way I am feeling. I will let you know if I lose any inches. Many people claim to lose a ton of inches with this program. I am doing the Basic Plus Tempo which is just 15 minutes a day. It looks simple, but if you really follow all that she says, it is quite the workout!

Video #2:  Here is a ten minute Tabata workout. Don't try this if you don't like jumping. And there are lots of push ups. But I need the push ups in my life right now. It is only ten minutes and I found it to be a nice break after sitting too long working on the computer.

Bonus Video #3: I can't leave you without something to dance to. Here is the song my 3 year old keeps requesting this week. Enjoy!

What are you doing to workout? If you sit for work, be sure to try and move every hour, even if it is just a couple steps!

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