Monday, April 20, 2015

More Giveaways

EO Giveaway 

Here are some more of the giveaways that I have been eyeballing. I like giveaways that don't take a whole lot of time and have a prize I am actually interested in winning. Do you like entering giveaways?

My all time favorite giveaway going on right now is the doTerra essential oil giveaway. You can entire at two of my favorite blogs (and several others) Weed 'Em & Reap or The Elliott Homestead.There are several days left to enter this one. I think it ends 4/27.

You have until 4/25 to enter for this sweet Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. It is getting warmer out and I know I feel better about giving the kids ice cream, when I know what is in it.

There is a $450 Aloha giveaway on Hello Subcription for some interesting ways of increasing your  nutrition.

There is a really cool giveaway for Sweet Paleo and some kitchen gadgets, like a Blendtex blender. There are 13 days left to enter this one on Paleo Spirit!

And of course you can put your name in for some gift cards.
                   Here is one for $500 Amazon Giftcard.
                  Or the Determined Momma is giving away a $75 Amazon Card
                  Powered by Mom is also giving away a $75 Amazon or Paypal Card
                  Try for $300 Paypal here, just scroll to the bottom of the list for the free entry
                                          or follow some of the blogs for more tries if you want.
                  Hello Natural is giving away a $50 Visa Giftcard
                                           (and they have other giveaways going too.)

As always, I will add more as I find 'em.

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