Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting Rid of Paper Towels

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I have a confession. My husband is an extreme paper towel user. He will grab 4 at a time for something that might need half. And then I go around having to pick them all up from everywhere. So I secretly have not bought paper towels in about a month. I did buy 10 kitchen towels. And he has not said a word.

The only problem was BACON. What was I going to do with the bacon? The hubby hates the idea of baking it in the oven and I really don't have a pan to spare just for bacon. Sorry. So what is a girl to do. Well, for now, I have been improvising between using a separate pan to let it sit on for a few minutes and coffee filters. But at some point I would like the coffee filters to go away as well. Poor hubby.... he is the one that drinks the coffee. And he has to endure all my crazy changes.

I think that one of those new hand towels will become a dedicated bacon towel. If you don't like those ideas, here are a couple more.

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