Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Workouts #2

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Are you ready for another round of free workouts to try? I like quick short workouts that I can fit in at different points in the day. An hour long workout just ain't gonna happen at this crazy house. Students call me all day long, the kids are often needing something, you know how it goes. 

I have still been doing the kettlebell workout this week because I loved it so much. But I went out to find some new stuff too!

So here are my picks for the week.

Video #1: This is only 5 minutes and will really get you going! And I like how they give the little preview of which exercise is coming next so you don't lose time trying to figure what you need to do.

Video #2: Have you heard of T Tapp? More coming on this on the blog here. But I thought I would share a little preview of what it is right here. T Tapp is more than just a weight loss program, but again I will share more on this soon. For now, enjoy. And let me know what you think.

Bonus Video #3: Yep, we are still dancing over here! And here is one of my kids' favorites of the week to get up and get moving to. Hallelujah!

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