Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Grateful Heart: Week 7

This is going to sound silly to most of you, but this week I am thankful for Wegmans. If you know and love Wegmans, this will totally make sense to you. If you have never been to a Wegmans, then you don't know what you are missing.

I want to mention that this is not a paid post. These words are just from my silly heart! I would like to scream to the world that I love Wegmans! I was in the south for almost a year, where I am sad to say the grocery stores leave a lot to be desired. The prices were pretty steep and the selection of produce, free range, grassfed, good butter or any of that is next to nothing. I would bring home produce just to find that it had started to rot in the car or the middle of the bag of onions was rotten, but I couldn't see it. While that was typical of my trips in the south, it is not typical of my dear love Wegmans... Oh, how I love thee.

And the customer service is by far the best at Wegmans. We had some very friendly people in Georgia. But there is just something different at Wegmans. They are (usually) happy to help you and don't seem bothered that I am in their line or asking for that piece of meat or fish or whatever. Unfortunately, I did have to shop at a place, that will remain unnamed, that I just can't stand while in the south (but happens to be EVERYWHERE). I'm sure you have been in one or seen one. And this store just so happens to not restock for months on end. So things like Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar would just have an empty spot on the shelf for months. This just doesn't happen at Wegmans. Yes, I have seen empty spots, but they are usually filled rather quickly.

I also love that the Wegmans brand is so good. Buying a store brand can usually mean that it might be not so great. But that isn't the case with Wegmans at all. And they even have a lot of organic stuff within the store brand, making it a lot easier and cheaper to keep feeding my hungry crowd the way I like to. And if you aren't looking for organic, you have got to at least love their consistent low prices. 

I won't go on for too long about how much I love Wegmans, but to give you an idea, my husband suggested that the whole family take a trip and just walk down the aisles to take in all that is Wegmans when we first got back to New York. And the first time the kids were back in one this week, the middle child was asking to go down this aisle and that aisle and the oldest was oohing and aahing. It really is nice to be back and be able to shop again at Wegmans. Oh how I have missed you.


  1. I also LOVE Wegmans!!! We have several in our area now. They mark most of their food with allergens.... and it has been a lifesaver for my mother , who needs Gluten Free foods. They even have GF pasta and boxed desserts. Their fruit and veggies are fresh and reasonably priced, too.

    1. I totally agree, Susie. I too eat gluten free (although my family doesn't always) and when we were away from Wegmans it was so hard to find the items that I needed to make our typical recipes. And the produce at Wegmans is just beyond what I have seen anywhere else. I was in Florida when things should be in season and still wasn't able to get fresh fruits and veggies. So glad to be back to the north and Wegmans. I even like seeing what local farm different items have come from on their signs. Wegmans is just wonderful.