Saturday, May 9, 2015

Free Workouts Week #4

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Ready for week 4? Sorry it is a little late. We are packing up and getting ready to head back north. Our small adventure is done and the hubby and I will be returning to start new again.
During all of this stress, I am still trying to fit in short quick workouts to keep me sane through the chaos.

Here are some for you to try.

Video #1: I had never done a Tony Horton workout before. So I tried out this one from the Dr. Oz show.  There are two 5 minute segments on this video. What do you think?

Video #2: And here is a 5 minute video, also from Dr. Oz, with Shaun T. This is nice for those times I need to move after sitting on the computer too long.

Sorry no song this week. I will add one in next week or after that. We'll be driving next week.

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