Sunday, May 24, 2015

Repurposing Old Sheets

For the next six weeks, my sewing machine is packed up in storage. So for now, I just have to dream up new projects. Plus, being down a full time job or two, I am going to have to be creative on how I get my fabric. Besides entering every fabric giveaway known to man, and asking every person I know (Hey - did I ask you yet? Do you have fabric you don't want anymore? Just kidding... but really though - check your closets!! Haha), I have had to come up with some other ideas for ways to get fabric and be able to still create beautiful items for really really cheap.

We won't even mention how fast my kids are growing. My 9 year old seems to be catching up to my height just a little too fast, and she is going to need some clothes. And we won't even get started on the boys!

So to keep up with my hobby and my every growing beautiful babes, I read this great article on re-purposing old sheets into clothes, pillows, aprons, art or other items. You can find old sheets at garage sales and even thrift stores, sometimes people are just giving them away. I have been on sites like freecycle for years where you can get notified of people giving stuff away for free. Or you can even watch the free section on Craigslist. I always have my hubby do the picking up for craigslist stuff though.... And if the bottom sheets gross you out a little, the top sheets will do just fine and are usually less used (people aren't laying on them! Heck, my kids are always pulling them off their beds.). And you can find all sorts of cool patterns  or characters to really make your items unique. I love the vintage look I have seen in some of the recreations!

Here are some brilliant people and their ideas for those old sheets you can find (or table clothes or whatever else comes your way.)

  • This is my favorite link: Sew Country Chick had a guest post where someone shared the cutest dresses from would have otherwise just been old ugly sheets. Now they are beautiful dresses. Check it our here.
  • Scraphacker has some sweet ideas for pillow cases. You've gotta check them out.
  • Make It & Love It has a great and simple method for creating dresses from sheets here.
  • Modern Kiddo has 10 awesome ideas for old sheets.  The baby blocks would make such a nice gift.
  • Saved by Love has 20 different ideas for your old sheets here. I love the laundry bag idea. It is so cute.
  •  Daisy Janie explains how to make a quick quilt from fitted sheets.
  • A Small Snipet shows how to make a really cute maxi skirt from sheets.
  • Sew Like My Mom shows a really easy version of a pillowcase dress for little babes as well.
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom takes the pillowcase dress up a notch. This is cool.
  •  How to sew a pillowcase dress - with different options and a free printable pattern.
  • Just in case you haven't seen enough ideas to get you excited yet, here are a few more from Crooked Brains.

Boy, it makes me wish I still had my She-Ra sheets. Oh how I loved them!!!

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