Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BING Rewards

You all have probably heard of this, but it was totally new to me. Have you heard of BING Rewards? Bing is like Google. You can use it to search for things. But right now, they are rewarding you for searching on Bing. And those rewards are giftcards (Yes! Amazon Gift Cards!). I do the swagbucks searching to earn giftcards and it can take a while to earn much (unless you get a lot of friends to sign up through you), but I tried out Bing Rewards over the past few days for my searching and I was earning really quickly.

If you are interested here is my referral link so you can try it too: Bing Rewards

If you have been using it, were you able to earn a gift card very quickly? What are your thoughts? Were the results as good as Google? Were they better?

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